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'' There are a few people who can play violin well, but they don't have a sense of style - and HU does. ''

- Yehudi Menuhin/ London Evening Standard, 22/2/1988. 

能把琴拉好的人有不少,但他们还不具备胡(坤)对风格的敏感度  - 梅纽因/伦敦晚报,1988.2.22

" I am very happy that you are insisting on my approach to Bach. which is really the first time it has happened in this way at the (Yehudi Menuhin) School. I feel it is of utmost importance as, quite honestly, I have not heard Bach played as he should be on the violin. 1.5.98 "

" The other day, for the first time. I heard the Chaconne of Bach played almost as I would imagine it, and it was a young Chinese boy (Ning Feng), a student of HU Kun at the Royal Academy of Music. 21.1.99 "

" Please keep polishing Ning Feng's Chaconne as we discussed because we want it to be really exemplary in every way. 25.1.99 "

--- Lord. Yehudi Menuhin



Gold Medal Star Studio/Online Tuition/Consultation

奖明星艺术 /网上授课 /咨询点评


Expert in producing 1st class international solo and recording artist, major international competition top prize winner, concert master, chamber music group leader, teacher...

Tailor made program to suite each individual's needs...one off or intensive preparations for international competition, concert, recording, audition, examination...

Specialized teaching in unique repertoires such as Bach Solo Sonatas and Partitas with Lord Menuhin's unpublished edition (been the only person teaching it since 1997), Elgar Violin Concerto (Lord Menuhin's edition with video recordings), Bartok Solo Sonata (Lord Menuhin's Edition), Beethoven, Brahms, Mendelssohn E minor, Bach E major, Bach Double, Mozart No.4 and No.5, Prokofiev No. 1 Concerti, Paganini Moto Perpetuo... plus Paganini 24 Caprices and all major repertoires, a rare opportunity to share Kun's private lesson video/audio collections with Lord Menuhin and his personal written instructions.

Provide performing opportunities and general career advices regarding management, marketing, recording company, choose of competition and conservatory...

(All the above with discretion if requested)




独有教授曲目包括:巴赫无伴奏奏鸣曲组曲(梅纽因未出版版本,是唯一采用者启自1997年起),爱尔加协奏曲(梅纽因版本伴随录像资料),巴尔托克无伴奏奏鸣曲(梅纽因版本),贝多芬, 勃拉姆斯, 门德尔松 e小调, 巴赫 E大调, 莫扎特第4, 第5, 普罗科夫耶夫 D大调协奏曲, 帕格尼尼无穷动和帕格尼尼24首随想曲亦即所有小提琴重大曲目(大多数曲目都可分享梅纽因大师给胡坤的私人授课录像 /录音珍藏亦即大师个人手迹资料)。




List of successful international artists are



* Ning Feng (RAM 1998-2003)

(former student of Kun's father Prof. HU Wei Min)

1st Prize winner of the Paganini Competition 2006.

1st Prize of Michael Hill 2005 and London Oratory Competitions 2001.

Prize winner of the Queen Elisabeth(5th), Hanover(3rd), Thibaud(Special Prize), Menuhin(2nd), Tchaikovsky Competitions (Special Prize).

The only 100% mark graduate in the RAM 200 years history(2003).

Channel Classics Records / Intermusica Artist

Berlin Hochschule Has Eisler Violin Professor




* Simone Lamsma (Menuhin School / RAM 1997-2004)

2nd Prize winner of the Indianapolis Violin Competition 2006.

1st Prize winner of the Britten 2004, Dutch National 2003 and Qindao Competition, China 2005.

Prize winner of the Thibaud(6th) and Menuhin(3rd) Competitions 2002.

IMG Artists & Naxos Records Artist




* Natalia Lomeiko (RAM 1999-2003)

1st Prize winner of the Paganini Competition 2000 (the highest award a current British conservatory student ever achieved).

1st Prize of the Michael Hill Competition 2000.

London Royal College of Music Violin Professor.




* Alexander Sitkovetsky (RAM 1999-2003)

EMI/Angel exclusive artist.

Royal Academy of Music / Royal Northern Collage of Music Violin Professor




* Chloe Hanslip (1996-98)


Chloe Hanslip and Danny Driver, Beethoven Violin Sonatas vol 1



* Stephanie Childress (2010 - 12)




* Diana Yukawa (2002-04?)

RCA Records exclusive artist.



* Heather Badke (RAM 2002-04)




* Remus Azoitei (RAM 2001 - 02)




* Zhang Jing Zhi (2010 - 12?)

Grand Prize winner of the Postacchini International Violin Competition 2010

Fermo, Italy


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