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East and West Culture Exchange Consultancy



 With more than 40 years of experience as a musician, living in the world's top cultural city London(28 years) and 21 years (including Beijing 7 years) in China, providing top class personal contacts both in China and the West to assist cultural exchange projects.

The successful projects including:

作为一位从事了40多年的音乐家, 身居世界一流文化艺术城市伦敦(二十八年), 和在中国二十一年(包括在北京七年), 运用顶尖级个人联系方式协助造创各种文化艺术项目.



1. The late Lord. Yehudi Menuhin's last visit after 16 yrs absent to Beijing, China(made the Chinese Premiere of Elgar Violin Concerto)

1997年梅纽因大师在中断了十六年后, 生前最后一次访华演出(同台在中国首演了爱尔加小提琴协奏曲).


2. China National Symphony Orchestra London Debut 1998.




3. Signed the exchange program between London Royal Academy of Music and Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2005




4. Guangzhou Ballet Company London debut (Artistic Advisor).




5. '' Andrea Postacchini '' International Violin Competition Italy(Chinese jury advisor)

意大利 '' 珀斯塔奇尼 '' 国际小提琴比赛 (中国评委顾问)



6. Introduced Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition to be hold at the Central Conservatory of Music

Beijing, China

6th---15th.April 2012





Successfully hold The 3rd China International Violin Competition (Qingdao)

President of the Jury

12th-24th.Oct 2011







Artistic Advisor: Asian Arts Connection Shanghai  上海艾亚文化传播有限公司艺术顾问




Honorary Patron: Music for the Growing Mind Charity France / China

法国 / 中国成长之音救济会名誉董事



Artistic Director:  British & Chinese Musicians' Society, London, UK







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